Offshore racing

Safer, more competitive

Further, in trust

AG+ Spars has used its experience in ocean racing to offer a high performance range, close to your expectations. The components and fittings are inspired by the winning rigs of the Mini Transat and Transquadra where reliability is not an option.

A range for competitors

Our masts are designed according to the technical characteristics of each boat and allow the optimisation of the sail plan for new sensations. Each one is optimised to obtain the best balance between weight and inertia, which is the secret of modern rigs.

Carbon or aluminium, your heart is in the right place?

Our experts offer customised solutions that will meet your expectations. 

Thousands of AG+ SPARS masts have crossed the oceans,  you will no longer have to choose between performance and reliability.


Our profiles are designed to offer the best performance on the water: stiffness, responsiveness, weight


We choose the best materials and manufacturing processes to ensure the longevity of our spars

Sur mesure icone


Each mast is designed to match each boat and its sailing program

Solutions for every project

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